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Animation created using Adobe After Effects with music track A Joy Remix by Four Tet.

Based on the Mexica myth of the creation of the sun and moon. The characters are all based on glyphs from different Mesoamerican cultures (Culhua Mexica, Zapotec, Mixtec).

The main characters in order of appearance:
Hanub Ku/Ometeotl and its manifestation as the Creator Couple
Red Tezcatlipoca
White Tezcatlipoca in his manifestation as Quetzalcoatl/Ehecatl
Tochtli the rabbit.

The title, CEMANAHUAC literally translated means One Earth but it is a Nahuatl term used to express the world as it existed during the primordial phase of creation. I am aware that some complex elements of the original story have been simplified for the assignment but I feel that the sentiment of order and chaos carry over in the animation. It is also important to remember the composite nature of these myths, there is no one “authentic” version. There were many versions and they changed often as new cultures and perspectives were absorbed into the Mexica culture.