La Calavera Pocha

Mast of the publication La Calavera Pocha. Artwork by Sergio Sánchez Santamaría and Daniel Gonzalez © 2013

Back in 2013, Self Help Graphics & Art invited me to put together a cultural program for their 40th Día de los muertos celebration. It was truly an honor to work in my community and bring a rich program full of tradition but also bring in new perspectives. In the process of doing the work of putting together art workshops, ofrendas, and artwork for an exhibition, I realized that buried in books and file cabinets there is a large archive of scholarly works and personal impressions on Día de los muertos that needed just as much attention.  I set to work on gathering material and decided that newspaper would be a great way of disseminating the work, harking back to the days when Posada would illustrate articles of the penny press. That’s how this newspaper came to be. In it you will find the works of respected scholars as well as poetry and literature all giving us different perspectives on Día de los muertos. Hopefully this can be a tool to help you in your research or enrich you in your understanding of this beautiful celebration of life.
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