San Patricio T-Shirt

San Patricio T-Shirt


This St. Patrick’s Day celebrate with a T-shirt commemorating the San Patricios, the Irish who fought for Mexico during the Invasion of 1846.

During American invasion of Mexico, a group of mostly Irish soldiers saw the injustice that the US was perpetrating against the people of Mexico and defected from the US army. They were absorbed into the Mexican army as an artillery battalion that were know as the San Patricios.

According to American journalist George Wilkins Kendall, who was covering the war with Mexico, the San Patricios banner was…

The banner is of green silk, and on one side is a harp, surmounted by the Mexican coat of arms, with a scroll on which is painted Libertad por la Republica Mexicana [Liberty for the Mexican Republic]. Under the harp is the motto of Erin Go Bragh

Hand pulled screen print. Yellow ink printed on a hunter green 100% cotton T-shirt.

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